About - WPRB History


This site is a companion to WPRB’s online home, chronicling the diverse history of WPRB, Princeton University’s student-run community radio station, which (as of this writing) is about to celebrate its 75th year of broadcasting.

Founded as WPRU by Princeton University undergraduate H. Grant Theis ‘42, WPRB has always been an anomaly. It is the oldest commercial college station in the country, with a powerful coverage area that includes central New Jersey and the Philadelphia metro area. Through the years, it has been operated by an ever-changing assortment of dedicated Princeton students and community volunteers, all with the singular goal of providing great broadcast content unavailable elsewhere on the dial.

Although staffed by students and housed on campus, WPRB is not owned by Princeton University, nor does it receive any financial support from the school. Rather, it is overseen by Princeton Broadcasting Services, Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization staffed by a board of alumni trustees. WPRB is presently funded through a combination of listener donors and small business underwriters.

As you explore this archive, you’ll find stories, audio, photographs, and remembrances from the people who’ve powered this unique organization over the years.

The site was conceived of by WPRB Educational Advisor Mike Lupica, with critical support from Alex Wood ‘02, Dan Ruccia ‘05, Dipika Sen ‘13, and Scott Konzelmann. It was built by long-time WPRB DJ Jon Solomon, and launched in the Spring of 2015.